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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I place an order?

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Our customers have the option of placing an order by the following way
Online: When you have decided what to buy click with the mouse on the product, once you load the card inserted in the appropriate box, "Quantity" on the left side the desired number. This way you have added the product to your cart, from this screen you will be able to go back by clicking on "continue shopping", or go to the next step by selecting the "Continue." The next and final phase will be the one in which you will be prompted to select the method of delivery and payment to you more comfortable and to enter all your personal data. To submit your order click on the button "order" in this way, the gaming will generate an order confirmation number which you can use as a reference for each question. Will be generated only when the order number you confidence that your order has been successful.
Phone: call our toll free number 800913371 or 069633343 one of our operators will be happy to place the order for you according to your needs
Mail or fax: please send a list of products and quantities, data, shipping address, telephone and fax even in the case of the email address. After you place your order to you will be sent an email confirmation and summary.
Chat Service: listing the items to add to cart, quantities and providing all the data and the shipping address. The operator will show you the best shipping method and payment.

You can come directly to home to buy?
No, our warehouse is not open to the public, however we offer a "retreat in depsoito" by appointment only and after you have already placed your order online.

Do you have a minimum order?
Absolutely not.

The merchandise is available immediately visible online?
Certainly, our inventories are real, if a product is out of stock, inserting it into the cart the system will put you in the red "product sold out" at this point you can ask for the service "notification reassortment" by entering your email into the space, in this way when the article in question will be put in storage you will be automatically notified

Can I request an invoice?
Of course, entering billing information in the spaces provided, the invoice will then be attached to the confirmation order and put in the package.

You can cancel the order?
Orders can be canceled, however this must be done before the parcel leaves our office. If this does not happen will put in place the procedures of the right of withdrawal (link)



How long does delivery take?
Shipping guaranteed within 24/48 hours on all the Italian territory (except islands and remote areas)

You can track the shipment?
In addition to the order confirmation email you will receive two additional notifications. The sda you will receive two e-mails, the first to provide the number of the shipment through which you can monitor yourself on the site www.sda.it the movements of your parcel, in the second email, you will be informed of the day of delivery.

What happens if I am not home at the time of delivery?
Our courier will try to deliver the package for 2 consecutive days. As stated previously you will be notified by SDA via email when the parcel will come over. Unfortunately it is not possible to know the exact time as this depends on the speed of the carrier itself. We recommend you always enter the address of the workplace or a relative or friend who you know for sure at home. Alternatively, should the unexpected happen the day of delivery you can leave a note for the courier attached to the intercom, which briefly explained that he had a problem. After two days of non-delivery, you will need to contact us to sort out the shipping and returning it to the delivery or the parcel will be kept at the SDA store in your area (address s

You can learn the exact time of delivery?
No, you will be notified by email with the code of the shipment, and will come to you another email to inform you that the parcel is over, but the latter will refer to the day and time of day. You also have the option delivered within the 10.00 or 12.00 for an extra charge (you must ensure that your area is served)

The courier will warn me before the delivery?
No, the carrier is not required to make calls with your phone. Often facilitarsi around some couriers call delel deliveries to customers, but remember that this is an act of kindness that not everyone is willing to do as expenses for the call would remain dependent on them! Eccolafesta.it always inserts the phone number on the bubble when it was necessary.


Methods of payment

What payment methods do you offer?
Accept different payment methods including:

Paypal: service that allows customers to use credit cards and prepaid cards of different circuits. And 'possible to pay even if you do not have an account but for security reasons, registration is required. After placing your order, our site will direct you in automatically re-paypal.it, if this is not done correctly, please do not make the order again but contact us, we ourselves send you a payment request.

Bank: After making your transfer will be necessary to send a copy of the bank receipt with the CRO number. We do not consider valid e-mail with only the number of CRO.

Cash: Cash to the courier, the total that will give us will already be full charge for cash payment (equal to 3.99). In this case please clients to prepare the exact exchange as the couriers often do not have the rest.



There are additional prices to those visible online?
No, our prices are inclusive of VAT and finished.

Made wholesale or retail?
Eccolafesta.it makes only retail, we do not sell wholesale.

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