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Favors Candles

In this department we offer a large assortment of design products and high quality super affordable prices. You can choose with a few clicks and in complete comfort from home, remember to give to your guests for all occasions and special ceremonies. The favors are subject to specific conditions do not have immediate availability but they are ordered at the request of the customer, the payment can be made in advance by bank transfer, Paypal or Credit Card. read carefully the conditions set out below.

sample free shipping

Choose the sample of wedding favors that you like, order it online on our website ... if you were to pleasure and decide to make the wedding favor for your special day Eccolafesta.it will refund the cost of shipping from the next order!

* The final order must contain a minimum of 10 pcs

Who is anticipated Pay Less!

for all orders received before the 10th of each month (with delivery scheduled for the next 7 days lavortivi) you can apply a discounted rate on shipping, ie the cost will amount to € 3 , 99 instead of € 19.99. In cases of particular urgency outside of this period of time, the shipping cost will remain fixed at € 19.99.

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  • Candeline Bruchetto

    Candelina Bruchetto

  • Candeline Coccinella 2pz

    Ladybug Candles 2pcs


    Out of stock

  • Pink Owl Favor

    Pink Owl Favor

    Regular Price: €4.99

    Special Price: €3.99

  • Favor Lion King 1pc

    Favor Lion King 1pc


    Out of stock

  • Monkey Favor 1pcs

    Monkey Favor 1pcs


    Out of stock

  • *Bomboniera Candela Elefantino Orientale 1pz

    *Bomboniera Candela Elefantino Orientale 1pz

  • Favor Scarpina d'Azur

    Favor Scarpina d'Azur

  • Bomboniera Candela Lanterna 1pz

    *Bomboniera Candela Lanterna 1pz

  • Bomboniera Candela Lampione Elegant 1pz

    *Bomboniera Candela Lampione Elegant 1pz

  • Boat-shaped Candle Favor

    Boat-shaped Candle Favor

  • Bomboniera Portacandele Ancora

    *Bomboniera Portacandele Ancora

  • *Bomboniera Candela Ancora 1pz

    *Bomboniera Candela Ancora 1pz

  • Bomboniera Candela Scarpa Elegant 1pz

    *Bomboniera Candela Scarpa Elegant 1pz


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